Sacred LLC

Sacred LLC is a bespoke line of holistic gemstones and pearls which have been sourced from around the world. 

Mala bracelets are about Mindfulness and going to the "Sacred within you". Take your Mala in hand ten minutes a day and simply be present. Take in the sounds, feelings and sensations of your surroundings while simply holding your gemstone beads. When your mind wanders to the future or the past, reign it in to the present moment which in and of itself is SACRED.

SACRED Mala bracelets are designed for either a seven or ten minute meditation. Take off your bracelet when you are ready to meditate, hold each bead as your monitor your breathe. Typically finger a bead on the inhalation, exhalation, then move to the next bead.  Remember Buddha's To-Do list: Breathe In, Breathe Out.... For a longer meditation, go around the bracelet twice.

Historically Malas started as a Hindu prayer beads and then become the Buddhist prayer beads. Malas are always designed as a circle; hence the SACRED bracelet. All Life begins marking the first stone on the pathway or "Circle of Life". And, alas, one day that circle must close and the "Sacred" journey ends.