Sacred LLC

Sacred LLC is a bespoke line of holistic gemstones and pearls which have been sourced from around the world. 

The human body, like the earth, is comprised of a combination of elements. Gemstones are curiously akin to man's chemical make up, formed of some of the following minerals: oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous and sulphur. Gemstones are therefore ionizers; they work for good to balance man's electromagnetic field. Gemstones have been used in healing for over 5000 years....from ancient Mesopotamia to Egypt to India. 

Today Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medecine both over 5000 years old, use gemstones and crystals in their healing prescriptions. SACRED takes pride in sourcing the finest healing gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli which for the last 1000 years has been used to draw off a migraine, or Tourmalines which are used to energize the lymphatics. Rose Quartz quietens and sedates while Citrine is  ideal for digestion. Resonate and strengthen your being, or balance your Chakras, there is a gemstone for every need.